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Are you a surveyor who has experience with high accuracy instruments? Would you like to join a dynamic and international environment where you would work on the metrology and alignment of all components of the particle accelerators at CERN? This is a unique chance to use the latest surveying tools and software in order to achieve the sub-millimeter accuracy! Take Part!

Job Reference: EN-MEF-SU-2015-223-LD
Publication date:

Closing date:


Survey Technician in the Engineering department (EN), Machine Experiment Facility group (MEF-group), Large Scale Metrology section (SU-section).

You will join:

•The EN Engineering Department provides CERN with the Engineering Competences, Infrastructure Systems and Technical Coordination required for the design, installation, operation, maintenance and dismantling phases of the CERN accelerator complex and its experimental facilities.
•The EN/ACE (Alignment, Coordination and Engineering) Group is responsible for planning and coordinating all maintenance and installation activities in the CERN Accelerator Complex, providing support to the experiments using the CERN accelerators, during their preparation, integration, installation and operation, and for the design installation and maintenance of the secondary beam zones. The Group is also responsible for the metrology and the alignment of accelerators and detectors components.
•The Large Scale Metrology (SU) section is responsible for the metrology and alignment of accelerators and detectors components. This involves the accurate positioning, the maintenance of the geodetic networks along the 63 km of beam lines and in the big experimental caverns at CERN. Its activities also include the dimensional quality checks of the accelerator and detector components before their installation, from their manufacturing to their assembly and calibration, when classical workshop metrology is inadequate. Inside this Section, a team is responsible of the alignment of the components located along the accelerators and transfer lines as well as the internal metrology of these components before their installation in the tunnels. This team is also responsible for the "as built" measurements of equipment and buildings using the laser scanner technology.

Survey Technician h/f

Votre mission :

As a Survey Technician of the EN-ACE-SU section, you will be part of the team in charge of the metrology and the alignment of the Accelerator components.

In this role you will:

•Align all types of magnets in the CERN accelerator complex and in particular in the LHC long straight sections (LSS), write the corresponding survey reports, and manage the relevant documentation.
•Realize metrology measurements at all stages of the assembly of accelerator components using the laser tracker technology.
•Discuss the requests with the clients (equipment owners, physicists, etc.) and present them with the results.
•Ensure the availability and the good functioning of the instrumentation and the software provided to a contractor and follow-up on the work done by the contractor, including the data processing.
•Give feedback to improve the survey field procedures, methods and software.
•Calibrate the Electronic Distance Measurers (EDM) in the calibration base.
•Realise "as built" measurements of tunnels and buildings using the laser scanner technology

Votre Profil :

Qualification required

Higher technical diploma in the field of Survey, Geodesy or Topography, or equivalent.

Please note that preference will be given to candidates with the above-mentioned qualifications: In principle consideration will not be given to applications from people with higher qualifications.

Experience and competencies

The experience required for this post is:

•Some initial experience in the domain of high accuracy geodetic metrology.

The technical competencies required for this post are:

•Use of high accuracy survey instruments (theodolites, total stations, optical & digital levers).
•Laser tracker measurements: basic use of the technology.
•Expert use of standard compensation software: basic use.
•Laser scanning: use of instruments and software.
•Use of Office software packages: Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

The behavioural competencies required for this post are:

•Working in teams: working well in groups and readily fitting into a team; participating fully and taking an active role in team activities.
•Demonstrating accountability: taking responsibility for own actions and decisions.
•Communicating effectively: expressing opinions, ideas and suggestions with conviction and in a logical/structured manner; keeping to the point.

The language competencies required are:

•English or French: spoken and written. The ability to understand and speak the other language (or willingness to learn it) in routine situations would be an advantage.

Conditions d'emploi :

Eligibility conditions

Employing a diverse and international workforce is a CERN core value and central to our success. We welcome applications from all Member States(link is external) irrespective of gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or personal situation.

This vacancy will be filled as soon as possible, and applications should normally reach us no later than 14.01.2016.

By applying here, you allow CERN to consider your application for any position it considers relevant with respect to your profile. Please ensure you update your profile regularly with any relevant information and that you inform the recruitment service if you wish your file to be removed from the database.

Note on Employment Conditions

We offer a limited-duration contract for a period of 5 year(s). Limited-duration contracts shall terminate by default on their date of expiry. Subject to certain conditions, holders of limited-duration contracts may apply for an indefinite position.

These functions require:

•Work in Radiation Areas.
•Interventions in underground installations.
•Shift work, when required by the needs of the Organization.
•Stand-by duty, when required by the needs of the Organization.
•Work during nights, Sundays and official holidays, when required by the needs of the Organization.

Read more about employment conditions

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